Thank you for taking a look at my American, handmade, T-Fin switch tips.

     The T-Fin is solid White Tombasil Brass with no plating to wear or chip off so it will never wear out and can last a life time. Yellow Brass is available on a limited basis.
     The photo above is of one of the first T-Fins I made, cast in Yellow Brass. Roll your mouse on and off the picture to see T-fin # 1 move in and out of the bridge position.
     Each T-Fin is unique and serial number stamped to make it personal and identifiable, just in case someone else might like it a little too much.
     Every T-Fin box includes an America made 1/16 Allen Hex wrench for the set screw and installation instructions. The stainless steel set screw, a feature that prevents the T-Fin from coming off accidentally, is a #6 - 32 thread size.
     To order a T-fin, click on any of the purchase buttons to add to your PayPal cart. $40 + mailing
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Steve Rahn
Steve Rahn
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T-fins and packaging
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